Rain Dial Repair and Exchange (dedicated to CP)
The leader in RD-600, RD-900, RD-1200 (including R series) repairs & reconditioned Irritrol / Hardie timers

The Exchange Process
If you are currently looking to purchase a used & refurbished Irritrol or Hardie RD-600 / RD-900 / RD-1200  or "R" Indoor or Outdoor controller you have come to the right web site.  All our units have been fully repaired & tested in a production environment and are guaranteed to work 100%.   We take great pride in selling every model to our client base. 

Exchange instructions step-by-step:

  • You purchase one of our refurbished RD-600 / 900 / 1200 controllers using PayPal or a major Credit Card under the "Ordering & Mailing Instructions" web link.
  • Once you pay for the refurbished unit, ship your old timer (aka core) to our address supplied under the "Contact information" web link.  USPS Priority mail is recommended over UPS or FedEx.
  • Once we receive your broken controller / timer core, we will ship you the refurbished unit with free USPS tracking & delivery.  It is that simple. :-)

Qualifications for "Exchange Process":

  • The LCD of your core must be able to display numbers or letters and cannot be gouged. If we cannot read the display, how is anybody else going to read it. This would disqualify you for a core exchange.
  • We only work on RD-600s / RD-900s / RD-1200s for indoor or outdoor use. 
  • All our units are used and will have some very minor physical external body wear associated with them. 
  • Allow 2-days for handling once we receive your original core unit.
  • All our replacement controllers will be shipped USPS Priority Mail. You pay $0 for shipping on U.S. only purchases. 
  • ​If your timer is determined to be un-repairable, we have the right to return it and refund your purchase price minus our return shipping cost.
  • We do not supply the 9vdc battery or the AC transformer with this repair / exchange offer.  We only supply the timer / controller box. 
  • 30-day money back guarantee (warranty) starting on the delivery date of the device.  

Typically, a brand new Irritrol / Hardie Rain Dial controller will cost between $150 - $330 from any landscaping on-line dealer or local physical store.  Save yourself $75 - $275 with a repaired & refurbished model that will last just as long as a new unit.   Note: This is only the controller we are selling and not the entire gray weather proof case (aka protective housing). What you see in the photo to the left is an example of what is being sold.